Do Vasectomy Reversals Work

  • Is a vasectomy reversal is a complicated procedure?
  • Is a vasectomy a permanent birth control method in men?
  • Vasovasostomies are sometimes performed because the patient is suffering from pain.

Do Vasectomy Reversals Work

Vasectomy Reversal - An Irrevocable Path

A vasectomy is an uncomplicated procedure.

Surgeons cut the tubes called vas deferens that serve as a mode of transport for the sperm to blend in with the semen. Once the tubes are cut, the semen is restricted and cannot infuse with the semen.

It is a permanent birth control in men. A vasectomy is permanent. This means that you cannot go back on it.

About the Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

A lot of people are getting their vasectomy done these days, and 5% of them realize that they want to go back on their decision and want to have a child. For this, a procedure called vasovasostomy was introduced. It is not a new procedure but has been in the limelight only for a few years.

This is because vasectomy was not a common procedure earlier and if many people didn't do the surgery then the number of people wanting to reverse it was automatically low. But these days people from different parts of the globe are getting a vasectomy. The more the people are doing the surgery, the increased number of people who wish to reverse it.

There are various reasons why people wish to reverse their vasectomy. It can be because they have had a change of heart, face a death of a child or their financial position has improved. In rare cases, vasovasostomies are also performed because the patient has been suffering from pain from his vasectomy surgery.

Reversing a Vasectomy - What are the Success and Failure Rates?

As tempting as it sounds, a vasectomy reversal is a surgery that is not always successful. There are situations where after a vasectomy the body ceases to identify its own sperm and starts to develop antibodies to it. If this happens to a person, then the chances of him impregnating a woman are very slim.

A major factor that plays an important role in deactivating the vasectomy reversal is the time elapsed after the vasectomy. If a lot of time has elapsed after a man has had a vasectomy and he wishes to undo his surgery, then the doctors are unable to do anything about. Even if the doctors perform the reversal surgery, guaranteeing that the man can then have a child is not what they do because there are studies and statistics that show that there can be no guarantees in such situations.

Sometimes a vasovasostomy does work and men can produce their own sperm and transport in into their semen but they are unable to impregnate a woman. A vasovasostomy is a common surgery that has been in play from the past 100 years. A lot of them have been successful, and some of them have not. If a man has had a vasectomy and wanted to reverse it in the future, then his only option is to give vasovasostomy a try if he wants to have his own child.

In case the surgery fails to work, there are alternative options such as adoption and IVF that a couple can try to start their own family.