Finding An Experienced Doctor

  • Experienced Vasectomy Dr.
  • Sperms remain in seminal fluids.
  • Success rate in reversing the vasectomy is very low.

Finding An Experienced Doctor

Finding an Experienced Doctor

Do you have the driving experience on reverse gear? Vasectomy Reversal is like that, but, alone?

We all more or less have the experience of driving a car on the reverse gear – usually not too far; but it essentially calls for your attention and perfection to (or "intending to") avoid any fatal incident.

How to Avoid Very Low Success Rates!

To me, vasectomy reversal sounds like that of driving the car on back gear alone. This is so given the fact that the success rate in reversing the vasectomy is very low, and not all types of vasectomy are reversible.

There is another type as well whose vas deferens grows back and the person gets back his reproductive capacity automatically without his prior knowledge that essentially lands him up in trouble in the matters of unwanted pregnancy of his female partner.

The third type is the most common type of mistake that are committed out of overconfidence or not paying attention to the words of the doctors. Doctors advice for not to have intercourse done in first six months post vasectomy without taking extra caution such as contraceptives. This is so advised in the interest of the patient who underwent a vasectomy.

Sperms in the Seminal Fluid

Very often sperms remain in seminal fluids while vasectomy was done. Even though new sperms can't come up with the seminal fluid and proceed towards the path of the prostrate; but the preexisting ones do it easily thereby the high risk of pregnancy remains. Under normal circumstances, it's been observed that 25 – 30 ejaculations are required to get a person sterile which may vary from person to person as well. In stray cases, a person might require 50 ejaculations to become completely sterile.