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  • Vasectomy reversal covered by insurance.
  • Vasectomy reversal health insurance.
  • Vasectomy reversal insurance coverage.

Health Insurance

Vasectomy Reversal Health Insurance

Health insurance companies usually cover the vasectomy costs in case it is performed as an outpatient surgery, but the patient should check with his insurance company.

Mostly the insurance providers cover the entire cost of the whole procedure, and it's follow ups if the yearly deductibles have been met. State programs may also cover the cost of a vasectomy.

Reversing the Irreversible is a Costly Affair

In the absence of insurance plans, there are some clinics and doctors that provide a sliding scale fee that is based on your income. The patient can ask the doctor for a discount if he can cover the amount of cash although it completely depends on the doctor. Also, the patient should ask the doctor what mode of payment he prefers so that he can make arrangements for the same.

Where to Start?

While deciding on the urologist and the cost of the vasectomy, the patient should be 100% sure that he wants to carry out this procedure for certain. Every year, 5% of all the men who have had a vasectomy go back on their decision to have one in the first place. They find out alternative methods to reverse the surgery. They should keep in mind that the cost of reversal varies from $4000 to $15000, and most health insurance companies do not cover the cost of vasectomy reversal. Also, it is not a 100% guarantee that the reversal will be a success.