Is A Vasectomy Reversible

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Is A Vasectomy Reversible

Is a Vasectomy Reversible? The answer is yes!

A lot of people are opting for vasectomy today. One of the most frequently asked questions related to this are that is vasectomy reversible. Is a vasectomy reversible? The answer in most cases is yes.

There are a lot of misconceptions about this which are unnecessary. Men who have had a vasectomy can go for a vasectomy reversal. But, you need a doctor with a success rate over a long period of time.

Is a Vasectomy Reversal Successful Everytime?

Most of the time the procedure is successful, but it cannot be guaranteed for sure. If you have decided that you will have a vasectomy, then what is the reason that would you want to undergo a vasectomy reversal? Well, you may want to start a family or may want to get the vasectomy reversed because you have pain in your testicles.

What is the Process?

The process of a vasectomy reversal surgery is very complicated and most of the time it is impossible to reverse a vasectomy. In addition to this the operation also is very costly. The surgery can be done in two ways. One procedure is about attaching again all the ends of the vas deferens (the sperm carrying duct) back together. After the surgeon sews all the ends together, the vas deferens is again reattached with the epididymis — the storage area that is at the back of the scrotum where sperm has to mature. If the stitching of the vas deferens back together doesn't work, because of the damage that might interfere with the potency of a person, the doctor may require to reattach directly the sperm duct to the epididymis, after opening the area that is blocked.

The fact that which procedure has to be taken has to be decided after your doctor gets a better grasp of your anatomy during the ongoing procedure itself. Till then, you are not aware that which approach is the most beneficial. It may also be possible that one side will result in a vasovasostomy while the other side is not so prompt. A lot of factors have to be considered before taking the decision. It is because even a small mistake could result in serious repercussions if a wrong procedure is taken up. This has to be ensured by the doctors. Therefore, it is always recommended that an experienced surgeon is opted for.

Vasectomy Reversal and Health Insurance

Vasectomy reversal usually doesn't come under the ambit of your health insurance. It is always recommended that you persuade your physician to approach the insurance companies. After a vasectomy reversal, severe pain can also be experienced by some of the men. It is always better to look at the success record of your doctors before consulting them. Answer all the questions asked by the doctor honestly and also ask him that what are the chances that a vasectomy reversal will work on you. This is a very important step.

It is seen that most of the vasectomy reversal procedures work. The chances can decline over a long period. If you are the father of a child, then you are a good candidate. A biopsy is also recommended before going for the surgery as this will reduce the risks of the surgery. This will also provide the doctor with an idea of your hormone count.

What is Vasectomy?

Before we proceed further into our discussion, a simple definition of vasectomy will help realise the issue in hand. Vasectomy, in essence, is a surgical process through which the vas deferens are removed or clipped so much so that sperms can no longer be able to reach the seminal fluid and ejaculate through the penis.

There are several procedures for carrying out the vasectomy on patients or people opting for vasectomy out of which laser vasectomy is known to be the latest process that involves just making a minor hole in the scrotum thereby recovery of the people or patients in this process gets hastened up. The surgical process for vasectomy does not require more than 30 minutes and therefore not painstaking as some people might be talking about it in your known circle.

Pregnancy after a Vasectomy?

Pregnancy after vasectomy sounds like a fish that's thriving without water at a first glance, but it can always happen in reality. To correct it further, if not always in some cases pregnancy does occur even though the male partner underwent a vasectomy. You might be wondering how can it be possible – right? Let us explore as to how pregnancy can occur even after vasectomy.

Is Pregnancy Post Vasectomy is Possible?

Pregnancy is still possible after vasectomy was done on the male partner because even though new sperms cannot get into the seminal fluid while there can still be some sperms in the seminal fluid during the vasectomy. Doctors, therefore, advise patients who underwent vasectomy to use alternative contraceptives as well at least during the first six months.

To get completely sterile a person on an average requires 25 – 30 ejaculations post vasectomy that may differ from person to person as well. It's been found that some people even require 50 ejaculations to be sterile.

What are the Chances of Pregnancy Post Vasectomy?

It is, however, the onus to mention here that the chances of getting pregnant post vasectomy are estimated at less than 1%. Therefore, there's nothing to get scared about vasectomy and vasectomy is accepted as one of the most effective ways for birth control alias family planning. In fact, such pregnancies occur during the first six months of vasectomy due to the existence of sperms in seminal fluid. Vas deferens in exceptional cases grows back thereby restores reproductive capacity in males, but it very rarely happens.

What About Vasectomy Reversal for Pregnancy?

Vasectomy reversal restoring the reproductive capacity in men is possible; but not in all the cases as it might sound. The success rate in case of vasectomy reversal restoring reproductive capacity is found to be less and marginal. It is therefore generally advisable before one undergoes the vasectomy he should have a clear cut idea about of what vasectomy stands for.

But, it is also heard from the people who underwent vasectomy that they had been subjected to the persistent discomfort, pain in testicles or scrotum alongside the infection, fever and sperm granulomas. There's no denying the fact that all such issues can crop up and for which we need to see doctors regularly for some time post vasectomy. Instead, some people preferred for reversal of the vasectomy process that's the catch for getting someone pregnant without the external use of contraceptives.

Vasectomies for Population Reduction

The population explosion is a burgeoning problem in the world specifically in the Asian countries where GDP growth is considerably low. The problem, however, is not alone associated with the developing or underdeveloped countries – rather it's a problem in developed countries as well regarding disposable income for the upbringing of the children. It is perhaps easy to give birth to a baby, but essentially very tough when comes to the upkeep of the baby with the right assortment of things such as education, food, space, etc. Hence birth control alias family planning is needed all over the world.