Vasectomy Cost

  • Conventional Vasectomy Cost.
  • Price based Vasectomy.
  • Vasectomy performed in a doctor's office or clinic.

Vasectomy Cost

What to look for when selecting the best doctor based on cost

It is a very personal decision for a man if he wants to go ahead with a vasectomy. Therefore, it is imperative that he understands what this surgery is all about. He should know what it means to have this surgery and the complications that may arise from it. Cost also plays a major role to help one decide whether they want to ahead of a particular course of action.

Vasectomy Costs

The cost of a vasectomy surgery ranges from $300 to $2000. This cost includes the entire procedure from the initial consultation with the doctor, the surgery wherein the vasectomy is performed, anesthesia and the semen analysis where it is checked if the semen is clear of sperm. A lot of clinics and doctors include all this at one rate whereas some of them may charge you individually for each step that occurs. It is important that one carefully researches everything about the differences in cost from one doctor or clinic to another. This will help him understand what fits his budget the best.

Two main Variations to Vasectomies

There are two variations to this procedure. One is the conventional method where few incisions are made, and the tubes are disconnected, and the other is a 'no scalpel' method where just a small puncture is made in the center of the scrotum. It is up to the patient as to what method he prefers.

The cost also varies when it comes to deciding here the procedure takes place. This is a surgery that is performed in a doctor's office or clinic. The charges may increase if it is performed in an outpatient medical facility. This is because these facilities may charge a higher amount for their additional facilities.